Hi, I'm Michelle!

I’m a brand and marketing strategist, a holistic business mentor, the founder & CEO of BIZ.LIFE.LOVE. and the creator of the ELEVATE 360 virtual mastermind and hybrid business growth program. 

I help heart-centered, purpose-driven coaches, practitioners, and entrepreneurs grow a SOUL-ALGINED business and an inspired life doing what they love.  I do this by approaching business holistically – integrating the practicality of business and marketing + the mind, body & spirit. 

I love what I do – 

But it wasn’t always like this...  


I was  47-year-old, a single mom, knee-deep in debt, and a trauma survivor,  when I  took the leap from my established 15-year marketing career to start my own business. I consider my business to be part of my own healing journey. 


When we get trapped in the “shoulds,” and societal norms,  our potential is severely limited.


I spent two+ decades climbing the corporate ladder. I worked long hours making big money for companies of all sizes leveraging digital PR and marketing. 

For all those years, I was trying to do the right thing but my heart wasn’t in it. I kept thinking if I worked harder, I’d finally feel that sense of fulfillment. But that feeling never came. Instead I simply never felt I belonged in any of my jobs.

In 2015, I could no longer ignore the feeling that I was selling my soul, so I got out!

What I didn’t know at that time is that not only had I lost my way, but I’d lost my voice.


When your voice is unleashed, you’re finally able to confidently BE SEEN and do what you were put on this planet to do.

When I left my career in marketing in 2015 to start my own business, I knew I had to begin using my voice, AND that I had to BE SEEN. 

Which was quite possibly, the most frightening thing for me.

So I became an expert procrastinator and "a collector." I collected all the trainings, downloads, books, free and paid courses, anything I could find! 

But the more I collected, the harder it all seemed. 

I was inconsistent and unfocused - I complicated things. All the information just left me feeling overwhelmed with hundreds of strategies and tactics and no idea which would work for me.  

It felt humiliating to have come from my marketing background and make people millions, yet not able to do this for myself. 

So I worked “harder.” I tripped over myself to give the clients I had ALL I could. I tried every strategy, which ended in a feeling of exhaustion and defeat. 

I struggled in feast or famine.


Sure I made money, my first year in my business I made 6-figures, but it wasn’t consistent and I wasted a lot of time and struggled to get to the next level. 

I couldn’t create consistent income. I had ZERO dollar months and every once in a while, a $20K month. Some months there was absolutely nothing going into my bank account. 

It took a several years until I finally faced the fact that I owned a JOB not a business! It was a painful realization.

Rewriting your narrative is not only possible but necessary to live a better life and wake up a happier, inspired person each morning.


A voice in the back of my head kept saying, “There’s MORE for you! Sure you’ve made progress, but THIS is NOT the way your story ends.”

The limiting beliefs were still there - imposter syndrome, feeling like I needed to give more and more of myself away in order to be worthy of being a CEO. 

I literally had every strategy and tactic at my fingertips but the confusion as to which was the right one for ME, plus the mindset blocks kept me from scaling.

Then I finally found the right help and everything changed. 

I finally figured out the strategy and HOW TO that worked for me. Things began shifting fast and I was able to rewrite my old narrative – and believe me, it didn’t happen overnight.


If this resonates with you, please know…

I SEE You! 

You ARE worthy of your BIG DREAMS... 

You CAN rewrite your  narrative and BECOME the person you were meant to be… 

You CAN become a leader of yourself and others… 

and you CAN believe yourself to be not only worthy of wealth and abundance in every way, but KNOW that YOU DESERVE THIS…

And you CAN have wealth, freedom, purpose, and love in your life.







Not get the direction and certainly not the hand-holding they need. 

I’ve had coaches and BEEN IN high end coaching programs...

I’ve led marketing for six-figure coaches and a multi-million dollar coaching company.  

Being on both sides of the stage, I saw clearly what was missing… 

Either there's not the advanced mindset coaching you need to actually create change, or there's not enough personalized marketing strategy. 

See, you need someone keeping you accountable and following up and caring about their dreams and success. 

Because the truth is, it doesn’t happen overnight. There’s no magic pill. It takes structure, strategy, systems, and know-how to do this successfully.

And DOING it IN ISOLATION IS IMPOSSIBLE - I know because I’ve tried!

When you can tap into your “Zone of Genius,” the right strategy, the Emotional Mastery, and the right support system, that is when the doors open to limitless possibility, wealth, fulfillment, and freedom.  


When I accepted that we’re not meant to do this alone, a world of possibility opened up. 

I was able to see and begin working in my “Zone of Genius,” and step back from doing all the things better left to others. 

I was able to hone in on the right strategy for ME and the right coach and tribe.

That is when I finally learned how to take fast, imperfect but strategic action and was finally able to release the “struggle” mentality. 

I finally felt a sense of connection, belonging, and purpose from my daily life. I became confident and excited to show up so that I could make an impact. 

Everyday, I continue walking into my new life. 

Everyday, I become more confident, dream a little bigger, and continue to elevate.

Am I there yet? 


And I suspect I never will be. See, people like us – soulful high achievers – don’t ever stop wanting more and striving to improve.  


But now I love what I do and the life I live for. This is the path that leads me to people like you.

Those want to have a soul-aligned business doing what they were put here to do...

…those who want to unleash their voice, learn how to BE SEEN as a thought leader and influencer...  

… Those who want to feel emotionally and physically healthy and happy, and be in alignment with their purpose so they can live and work intentionally. 

I love when my clients begin to experience all the pieces falling into place and start living their best life because they are showing up as the elevated version of themselves! 

I help my clients to fill their programs and sell their products and services by

  • discovering their purpose
  • tapping into their “Zone of  Genius” to share their story and gain brand visibility
  • creating a business and marketing strategy that’s right for them
  • and giving them the momentum and accountability to take action on all of it! 

If you’re ready to have a SOUL-ALIGNED coach and tribe that complements your style of learning and doing, let’s connect.


Click HERE for a free Virtual Coffee Consultation


During this call we’ll go over your specific vision, needs, and come up with a game plan with your immediate next steps.

If nothing else, please know that TODAY’s the day for you to take action and get on the path to that vision of yours!

It's not next week, next month, or next year! 

Think about it – what will happen 10 years from now if you keep doing what you're doing now? 

On the other hand, what happens 10 years from now if you start walking the new path that will catapult you into your PURPOSE and VISION

Big love,