Stop Collecting Information; Take Action Instead

Here’s my take on why the courses, DIY programs, challenges, etc., don’t work for you and what to do differently: 

There's an overwhelming sea of content online on how to  attract clients, sell courses, and grow your coaching or consulting business. But why don’t these seem to work for so many entrepreneurs? 

As someone who creates online programs, I think about this a lot. Here's why I believe this happens:

The core issue lies in our tendency to become collectors… information hoarders.

We've developed an addiction to information – 📚 DIY programs, challenges, masterclasses, and group programs. Month-long Black Friday sales and holiday discounts only fuel this obsession.

We chase the magic pill, hoping it's the secret to success. When it falls short, we move on to the next bright, shiny thing.

This behavior is rooted in a scarcity mindset. 

We battle conflicting beliefs -- on one hand, we see the possibility – “If she did it, why not me?”

On the other hand, there’s a deeper, subconscious belief that it’s NOT possible for us, giving us the message that says – "Not for me… not in the cards… who am I to do this anyway…” 

The result? Desperation and a frantic chase for more external solutions. And we continue to collect more “how-to's,” trends, and tactics, perpetuating the cycle. 

The biggest mistake would be to let this be the sign that you’re just not cut out for entrepreneurship… that it’s “unrealistic”  to do your purpose-work that lights you up and makes a positive impact on the world. 

Two reasons those programs aren’t working:

#1-- What works for someone else may not be right for you and how you’re wired.

#2-- Lack of consistent action. Scanning, skimming, and half-assing won't cut it – you actually have to DO the thing.

If this is you, try a more focused approach like 1-1 coaching & consulting, where all the focus is on you, or small (high-touch) group programs which are a lower investment than 1-1. These smaller cohorts also give you the benefit of a community of like-minded people supporting each other - I’ve found this is what people find most valuable.

✨ A new perspective

✨ An aligned strategy that’s tailored to your unique needs, genius and passions. 

✨ A clear, actionable plan 

✨ Focus, accountability, and momentum 

✨ Personalized support and direct access.

You’re not broken or doomed to failure. If the information you’re consuming isn’t helping, you just need a little more guidance. 


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