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 I will light the path so you can clearly see what's been holding you back & your exact next steps. 

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Are you struggling to stand out from all the online noise – or afraid to try?

Do you feel like you’ve been throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks, but it ends up in overwhelm, desperation, and an overall sense of defeat?

If you’re hungry for real connection, want to transition to this virtual world, & turn your passion into profit… Or if you’re eager to grow the platforms, programs, and courses you already have... please read on.

It’s not asking too much to want to feel excited and fulfilled from the work you do.

You know you have a calling. 

You deserve to work and live ON PURPOSE. You deserve connection, belonging, & a sense of deep fulfillment. A profitable business built from your Big Vision. One that defies “the odds” that others have defined for you in the past. 

You deserve to be financially rewarded for doing what you love! Which means you 

But not knowing exactly WHAT to do or HOW to stand out build your vision can keep you overwhelmed and stuck.  


You’ve followed the "Shoulds" for far too long.


You probably wake up thinking about new ideas and ways to grow a 6-figure business from your expertise and passions… wondering what freedom really FEELS like.  

Perhaps fears, overwhelm, analysis paralysis, and lack of confidence have been keeping you from taking the very actions that will grow your brand visibility as much as you’d like…

You may feel burned out from doing work that no longer brings you excitement or passion… Or maybe you want to pivot your brick n’ mortar business online so that you can live where and how YOU want.


But it’s not for lack of trying!


You’ve gotten the degrees, certifications, and then some! You’ve taken workshops, bootcamps, courses. Maybe you’ve already had coaches and been in coaching programs.

If you're like me, you have a thirst for more knowledge, more training, more tools... You listen to podcasts, watch videos daily that will help you grow. You read self-help books, business books, and quite possibly joined too many Facebook Groups to count. 

But you're still not where you want to be. The more you try, the farther you may feel from the freedom you crave. And in your downward spiral moments, you may think this simply isn’t possible for you. 

All the while, you just want to help others, live a life of purpose, and attract abundance into your life.

I get where you are… I spent over 20 years there!


I spent two decades climbing the corporate ladder. I worked long hours making big money for companies of all sizes.

I was trying to do the right thing but my heart wasn’t in it. I kept thinking if I worked harder, I’d finally feel that sense of fulfillment. But that feeling never came. Instead I simply never felt I belonged in any of my jobs.

I could no longer ignore the feeling that I was selling my soul.


So I got out.

What I didn’t know is that not only had I lost my way, but I’d lost my voice.


When I left my career in marketing in 2015 to start my own business, I knew I had to begin using my voice, AND that I had to BE SEEN. 

Which was quite possibly, the most frightening thing for me.


So I became what I now call "a collector." I collected all the trainings, downloads, books, free and paid courses, anything I could find! 


But the more I collected, the harder it all seemed. I was inconsistent and unfocused - I complicated things. All the information just left me feeling overwhelmed - hundreds of strategies and tactics.  I knew how to do SO MANY THINGS, OF COURSE I could make money, but I had no idea what strategy would work for me. 

I struggled. 


I had to come to terms with the fact that I basically owned a job not a business. 

Then I finally found the right help and everything changed. 


What if your journey is NOT meant to end where you are now standing?

If you’re like me, I’m betting you just can’t get rid of that voice that keeps telling you, “there’s MORE for you.” And that the lack of satisfaction you feel is simply not the way your story ends. 

And if you’re like me, you realize that not only is it not doable alone but it requires a personalized approach and strategy that is UNIQUE to you – not a a one-size fits all solution wrapped up in a pretty, but deceptive, package.


Imagine if you could release the struggle and have a lifestyle you love?


What would it feel like to have a sense of connection, belonging, and purpose from your daily life? Imagine being confident in what you’re creating, excited to show up as a thought leader, and really make an impact. 


This can all be your new life.

What if your journey is NOT meant to end where you are now standing?


Get excited about the work you do everyday.

Together, we’ll uncover and tap into your Zone of Genius, so we can build a strategy that WORKS for YOU. Together, we’ll unleash your voice and have you showing up consistently, authentically, and with more ease as a thought leader and influencer.




Feel emotionally and physically healthy and happy.

Together, we’ll get you aligned with your purpose and working and living intentionally. You’ll be amazed at how everything else begins to fall into place! You begin to live your best life because you WANT to show up as the elevated version of YOU every day! You will learn to “allow” instead of “grasp,” and gain a new level of respect for yourself and your life.




Have a soul-aligned business doing what you were put here to do! 


It’s time to BE SEEN!  You’ll learn how to stand out from all the online noise in a way that FEELS right for you because it aligns with your purpose and Zone of Genius.

** Discover your most authentic, unique brand and tell your story. **
** Get soul-aligned clients. **
** Develop your messaging and learn how to use it to reach your ideal clients. **
** Create a marketing strategy that works for you. **
** Sell your products and services **
** Develop new courses and training programs. **


You won’t have to second guess your messaging and offers any more, because you'll have a solid visibility and growth strategy.

You don't have to feel alone or isolated anymore. 


What if your journey is NOT meant to end where you are now standing?

It's about time you have a SOUL-ALIGNED coach and tribe that complements your style of learning and doing.

NOW is the time to release the overwhelm and doubts, jump on timely opportunities, set yourself up to transform how you show up and attract the RIGHT clients.

It's not next week, next month, or next year! 

Think about it – what will happen 10 years from now if you keep doing what you're doing now? 


What happens 10 years from now if you start walking the new path that will catapult you into your PURPOSE and VISION?


NOW is the time to release the struggle and profit from work that fills your soul.


Let’s grow your next level brand and create your Visibility Roadmap together!⁣


What to Expect?

The work we do together is customized specifically to you, because your expertise, business, and life experiences are unique to you! 

Take your time filling out the questionnaire. Once you submit that,  you’ll get a link to schedule your complementary session with me.

We’ll go over your specific vision, needs, and come up with a game plan with your immediate next steps.


Let me take you by the hand and guide you on a journey to your future!


If you’re feeling skeptical about this because other programs you’ve tried in the past haven’t worked, I understand. I’ve also felt that way in the past. Here’s how working with me is different…




Not get the direction and certainly not the hand-holding they need. 


I’ve had coaches and BEEN IN high end coaching programs...

I’ve led marketing for six-figure coaches and a multi-million dollar coaching company.  

Being on both sides of the stage, I saw clearly what was missing… 

Either there's not the advanced mindset coaching you need to actually create change, or there's not enough personalized marketing strategy. 

My hybrid 1-1 and coaching programs have BOTH, PLUS the accountability it requires to create change.

See, you need someone keeping you accountable and following up and caring about their dreams and success. 

Because the truth is, it doesn’t happen overnight. There’s no magic pill. It takes structure, strategy, systems, and know how to do this successfully.

And DOING it IN ISOLATION IS IMPOSSIBLE - I know because I’ve tried!



Your strategy is UNIQUELY YOUR own.


This is about YOU. The strategy we develop will align with YOUR expertise, Zone of Genius, and that is what makes it Soul-Aligned! What works for someone else, won’t necessarily work for you. So, that’s not how we roll. 


I have over 15 years of in-the-trenches  digital marketing and PR experience with businesses of all sizes, and I have the unique ability to see your greatness and help you to communicate it to the world!



There IS something for you here! Whether we work together privately or in one of my group programs, there are always options and big perks! 


If we're a good fit, I do all I can to find the RIGHT thing for you based on where you are now and where you want to be.

This is for experts, entrepreneurs, practitioners, and other purpose-driven entrepreneurs at various levels in their business. 

What we do together is designed to get you aligned and into the FLOW STATE… 

And if private coaching is right for you, not only do you have me as your strategist and your guide literally looking at your MARKETING AND giving you specific personalized direction and feedback, but you also get FREE access to one of my group programs, with incredible benefits and a community of like-minded, soul-aligned entrepreneurs. 

It’s truly amazing.

I’m excited to this with you and help you bring your Vision to Life!

Even if you may not believe in yourself yet...

I believe in you. 


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