If you're ready to dream bigger, and create success doing what you want, where you want, and how you want, my private coaching is  expansive, flavorful, and unique container where we roll up our sleeves and bring your vision to life!

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This is where I open my virtual door to you, and we come together to discover, re-imagine, and co-create your next masterpiece.  

My primary goal of our work together is to help you bring your vision to life.

I guide you through uncovering and leveraging your unique genius, expertise, and passions in a way that brings you freedom, fulfillment, and helps you make a positive impact that satisfies YOUR soul.

I take you by the hand, give you new perspectives, challenge you, hold you accountable, and guide you each step of the way to unleash what lies within.

Our Sessions & The Powerful Work We do...


The way I work with each client will never be the same. I customize the roadmap we follow based on YOUR goals, needs, and desires.

Our sessions may involve your unique business, branding, marketing, packaging, and pricing strategy. They may involve messaging, and setting up or refining your sites, pages, and platforms to exude your true essence and communicate your message – visually + in written form – with ultimate clarity and allure to magnetically attract your soul-aligned clients and partnerships.

Or we may solely focus on a specific life transition and unfold where you're headed next.

Our work overall will usually involve emotional and energetic mastery coaching and resources because - you can have ALL the strategy and “how-to” in the world, but without the energetic and emotional mastery, you will hit a ceiling as blocks, patterns, and limiting beliefs take over. 

I offer guidance, clear strategic direction, new perspectives, and the how-to when it comes to practical business needs.

When it applies, I also co-create a personalized marketing strategy and plan with you, designed to bring  the results you desire – so you can do work that EXCITES you and start reaching those big goals.

All consulting clients receive access to high-value tools, cheatsheets, and templates I've spent over a decade creating, to supplement an maximize what you can accomplish throughout our time together.  


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The people I work with most want to...

(Re)discover their calling at this phase in their life, and have the courage, confidence, and trust to follow it.

Build a soul-aligned business that aligns with their values, genius, and passions – and brings them joy, fulfillment, and freedom to work and live on their terms.

Learn HOW to create a soul-aligned strategy for their business, brand, and marketing.

Unleash their voices and speak their truth freely and confidently.

Learn how to express themselves creatively.

Become independent and provide for themselves and their families.

Engage in creative work that is soul-inspired, and contributes to the world, bringing prosperity and abundance to themselves and helping make the world a better place.

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What I know is that…

Within you lies your unique genius and a calling for what you are here to do. I believe this calling changes, ebbs and flows, throughout our lives. When you’re able to align your soul’s purpose and your Earthly calling in your work and life, you feel deep meaning, a powerful sense of freedom, newfound confidence, and open to abundance. 

I work with conscious, creative women to grow a soul-aligned business and life – that aligns with their values, genius, and passions, and creates far-reaching ripples of positive change in our world. 

I’m here to empower women to wipe the slate clean, reinvent their lives, unleash their voices, be seen in their full authenticity, and open to the abundance and joy that comes from doing deeply fulfilling work. 

As a holistic business coach & consultant, and as a life coach, I take a 360 view and approach to our work together. This means that energetic and emotional mastery work inevitably comes into play, and is what will create more personal expansion than you'd imagine.   

Approaching your work and life as an integrated whole is essential to reaching your goals and experiencing lasting transformation. 

I value individual freedom, expression, and fulfillment.

I believe in a life of continuous expansion, discovery, and growth on our journey to self-actualization.

If you value doing work and life in a way that fills your cup,  gives you freedom from the “shoulds,” and you want to create a business and life that brings you abundance and prosperity, then you belong in my world. 

 Business Coaching & Consulting

Life Purpose Coaching

Single Sessions

> Transform your brand positioning so that it's completely authentic, aligned with your unique gifts and values, and stands out on- and off-line.

> Communicate what you do in a way that sets you apart and enchants your prospects.

> Gain clarity on your vision, unique personal brand, marketing strategy, or next steps… (anything goes)...

60-Minute 1-1 Breakthrough


What You Get...


Gain clarity,  troubleshoot, or map out a brand or marketing strategy for your next level of growth. 

  • A Private 60-Min Zoom Session

  •  Review of your current strategies or platforms prior to our session

  • Session recording

  •  Two weeks of direct access to Michelle for help with questions or stuck spots that come up.


90-Minute Brand Breakthrough


What You Get...

Get strategy, my eyes on your work, & intuitive guidance to build your marketing strategy & plan. We'll identify the most direct path for you to be seen online as the face of your business – aligned with your values, authentic gifts, and Zone of Genius.

  • A Private 90-Min Zoom Session

  • Review of your current strategies or platforms prior to our session

  • A simple, actionable strategy & plan
  • A 30-min follow-up session within 2 weeks 
  • Session recording

  • 3 weeks of direct access to Michelle for help with questions or stuck spots that come up.


Packages & VIP Days

 *To make things super easy and budget-friendly for you:  We now offer "Buy Now, Pay Later" options through Klarna, Afterpay, and Affirm for one-time-payments. 🌟

Monthly Business Packages

What You Get...


VIP Starter, 3-Month, and 6-Month packages.

You've got me in your back pocket. There is nothing more effective than this to accomplish your  goals, create your next masterpiece, make FAST and STEADY progress, & create lasting transformation. These are the calls you look most forward to in your week. 

  • 3- and 6-Month Customized Packages    

  • Your unique roadmap & plan

  • Direct edits on your  work
  • Accountability & Momentum
  • Shared Google Folder
  • Session recordings         

 Starts at $2098


Virtual & Local Business VIP DAYS

What You Get...

VIP Days are all about YOU.

You choose how you want to do this:

Online: You and me on an extended Zoom Session.

Asheville, NC: We'll set you up for extra special experience in Asheville, NC.

Your city: I'll come to you and we'll make a day of it.

  • Virtual: A full 5-hour day, or TWO (2.5 hour) sessions on Zoom  with Michelle to map out your entire strategy.
  • Or In-Person: A full 5-hour day at my place or yours.
  • ONE 45-Minute Call with Michelle throughout the next 30 days: Michelle will review your progress, offer feedback on your content, and answer your questions. This keeps you accountable and on task. 
  • Visibility Roadmap: You'll get a series of exact strategic next steps, and a 90-day plan so you walk away with exactly what you and your team need to implement.
  • Recommendations, tools, and guides as needed. You will get the tools you need to help you with planning and implementation.
  • Session recordings will be made available to you.
  • VIP email & Slack access to Michelle for 30 days       

 Starts at $2400


Life Purpose Coaching Packages 

Let's get clear on your next direction and calling.

Customized packages, start at $1197

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More about coaching with me...


What we can explore together:


Business Coaching & Consulting:

  • Prepare to Transition to Your Own Business 
  • Discover Your Authentic Brand, Voice, & Messaging
  • Discover Your Secret Sauce as a Coach
  • Create a Marketing Strategy that Aligns with Your Values, Genius, and Goals
  • Create Your Speaker Brand
  • Build & Price Your Offer Suite that Magnetizes Your Ideal Client
  • Attract Soul-Aligned Clients

Life Coaching:

  • Discover Your Purpose & Next Calling
  • Build Your Roadmap to Change
  • Reinvent Yourself
  • Unblock and Overcome Limiting Beliefs
  • Discover Your New Career Path

How it Works: 

The Agreement 

Once we agree this is a good fit, we begin with a commitment to each other. You’ll sign a coaching  contract and we also enter into a sacred agreement that involves an openness to being open to what we do not yet know and a commitment to staying present and doing the work. 

The schedule

  • We will begin with an initial deep-dive session (length of session varies for various packages) . This helps us create clear goals and a roadmap to help you reach them, and to inform our work together. 
  • Next, you will complete a series of assessments and clarity tools that my clients find extremely satisfying and enjoyable, and give me a deeper understanding of you. These vary, are personalized to each client and may include  the 360-Matrix (our own proprietary discovery & growth tool), Enneagram, Strengths Finder, Human Design, or others. These will help us both understand your natural genius, how you interpret the world, manage emotions, and make decisions.
  • We will meet three weeks of each month, leaving the fourth week for rest and integration. Sessions are scheduled between 11 am and 5 pm Eastern Time, Tuesday through Friday.   
  • You will have direct email and Voxer access to me, where you can get quick answers and feedback.
  • Sessions are 60-minutes. During our sessions, I may wear various hats as the coach, mentor, or consultant (dependent on the type of coaching.) This time is dedicated completely to you.

The Extras

You will have access to specific training and tools in my training vault as needed. These come from years working with my clients and are of high value. These tools give you the how-to, practices, cheatsheets, and continuous training if and when they apply to your journey. 

The Packages & The Investment 

I offer a few different package options based on your needs, as well as discounted one-time payments and flexible financing options.

The Typical Four Month Package Includes (but varies dependent on your needs):

  • Twelve (12) private 60-minute sessions.
  • Direct Voxer and email access to me as needed
  • Reviews of your work, and recommendations for edits if content is involved.
  • One 30-min SOS call for when the unexpected comes up
  • A shared drive for notes & next steps, and shared tools
  • Session recordings 

Private mentorship is by application only. If you have already taken this step and we have had a meeting, please email [email protected] for next steps.